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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
You say it was satire that I didn't understand because I call out a poster that took your satire seriously? You may want to work your way through that logic again.
Dasmoocher posted:
"Trump owes millions to Russians overseas and the Russian mob is there to enforce collection, if they are not the lenders directly. New York City construction? I'm sure he had interactions on some level. Maybe Trump is afraid of his creditors when it's the Russian mob and they tell him they'll be putting bullets in his children's heads if he doesn't make good.

How does he make good? By getting elected and by being Putin's bitch and getting the Syrian economic sanctions removed so ExxonMobile and Russia can make billions together.

And, as a bonus, appointing anti-global warming deniers to key positions will just open the Arctic to drilling as fast as possible!"

I was responding to the parts of the post that have become true as of recently or can reasonably be inferred from the way donald deals with all disclosure requests.

If that's retarded ok. ouch.

You on the other hand keep saying that everything is because hillary bad. If people agree with you that she was not a good candidate you say "No. You don't think she was bad enough. " And you repeat it over and over and over. You cannot stop yourself, and there is no subtlety in it.

Racism? not a problem because Hillary was sooooo bad!"

Demographics, economics, empire problems, authoritarianism, strong men over the world? "No nonooooh. Hillary baaaaad!"

In what way does this address any problem at all? You mean you are going to save us from nominating Hillary in 2020? Brilliant. That's the only problem you are thinking about? Thanks for the tip, o master of hindsight.

And you scold everyone because they are looking around them instead of having their head up their ass.

You're either autism spectrum or just a real schmuck.

Also you must have voted republican and supported the kind of shit they've been shoveling for 40 years. Which makes you supremely qualified to say what exactly?

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