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Holy shit on a shingle. I go away on vacation for a few days for the Holidays, and it. . . it just doesn't stop? SamuelA, why do you keep on continuing to dig your own egotistical and intellectual grave? Listen man, I really need you to step away from Mom's computer for a second, go upstairs, and get some sunshine. We all need to collectively have an intervention with you.

It seems that over the Christmas, your ego raided your father's liquor cabinet at night, and passed out on the front lawn. It was found the next morning curled up in the cold, wearing nothing but unbuckled galoshes, boxer shorts, and a trenchcoat while mumbling something about "Mom's meatloaf." Your integrity and reputation were nowhere to be found. Your imagination however, was on top of the roof, equally fucking smashed, riding your Mom's Santa display by trying to fuck Rudolph from behind "because his shiny nose is proof he's got nanobots!" Seriously man, we need to reign in your personality elements just a skosh before you take this 'Holier Than Thou ALL' attitude too serioulsy and you do something 'kinetic' to Mom's computer that ends up bad for you.

I've tried to read through your posts from the past few days, but your technobabble proves to me that while English is in fact your preferred method of communication, your primary languages are 'fanciful imagination' and 'wishful thinking.' I've asked, but you haven't provided any iota of evidence of any professional certifications or academic training that makes you even remotely qualified in the comments you have on the topics and hand; and frankly, you're still playing with smoke and mirrors to find a technology that will either A) support a flimsy argument, or B) you can rest your laurels on to "prove" that you're right. Remember that whole "Atomic Act of 1946" thing you tried to pass off as fact? C'mon man, there are people here that know what they're talking about, and you can't baffle us with bullshit (not all of us).

It's okay to be wrong brother, but the first step is admitting you have an egotistical problem that clouds your judgement. I am the first in line to say I'm not an expert in lots of things, but I do know an airplane in a flaming tailspin towards the ground when I see it. Perhaps your autopilot is still engaged and stuck on 'descent.' You need to "aviate, navigate, and communicate" the way out of your situation.

Seriously, all you have to do in the first step is take a breather.