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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
Oh, I know that thread. That's the one where you did some fanciful speculation in using warheads that were never vetted or tested, but continued to wave your hands in their "miracle application" that they could propel us beyond the stars. For that particular topic, I would ask--why the hell would we waste SNM on propulsion when we need your magically calculated 634 weapons? You make too many assumptions without the technical background to support them.

I will ask a third time: what are your qualifications on some of these topics?

Solid work on your part, indeed.
Umm, I used the yields of actual devices for a Fermi estimate. Let's test your background : which warheads hit 3 kilograms/kiloton? Do optimized nukes exist that are that good or not?

And please quote the post where I talk about going to the stars. For 634 weapons, you get a 1 cm/second velocity change on a 1 kilometer asteroid. Please tell me how you can make a starship with that kind of 'incredible engine performance'. Give me an estimate of how much propellant you would need for a 100 ton payload, dV of 1% C, and an ISP of 7500.

What are your qualifications to question mine? I told you mine, guess you just forgot. I at least can do basic math and have my half finished degree in machine learning plus another graduate degree. Whatcha got on your end? Military send you to school for military history or did you at least pick up a STEM degree? Do you think you need a pHD in aerospace engineering to estimate the performance of a rocket system or is a calculator enough?

One thing ignorant people do a lot of is go by who is saying something instead of what they are saying.

This is why lots of people fall for bullshit health and nutritional scams because "a doctor on TV said so". Fact is, in our civilization, if it ain't backed up by dozens or hundreds of peer reviewed studies all showing the same thing, it's probably bullshit, and it doesn't matter who's saying it.

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