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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
No. Because you're data mining, and I will not tell you how much SNM is in a warhead that reaches over 300kt. You may be able to look that up on open-source media. If you want to ask me about classified information, please specifically state so.

I see, I made what your ego considers an 'offensive statement'. You wanted to reach this asteroid with an 'Orion Drive' and I am calling you out on it. What are you qualifications to set those parameters for spacelift?

No, you simply never indicated them. If you did, then link to that post.

What I read hear is you bailed out of one program, and got another. Correct me if I'm wrong. . . we can wait.

At this point, I've got ten years' experience in weapons, between everything from conventional, biological, and nuclear. My BS is E.E. My Masters' is in Aerospace Science. My experience over the past ten year has been managing and commanding responses to various weapons. I am too modest to discuss my deployment experiences, but I would like to hear your pedigree.

One thing ignorant people do is hide behind their smoke and mirrors.

Aaaaaaah, the old 'Illuminati Response'. Becuase "They" told us so, it must be wrong. But SamuelA I will remind you for a fourth Goddamned time, that I want to know what credibility, certification, or education you have to call some of these people into question. For all intents and purposes, you could be a goddamed shoe clerk with opinions on nuclear weapons, and it just doesn't fucking matter. Please do tell where you're coming from.

Fifth time: What are your qualifications to speak on these matters?
Where I'm coming from is that I can estimate the impulse imparted by hot gas as much as anyone else. Publicly available sources show 3 kilotons/kilogram is achieved in the best optimized devices.

What "illuminati response". Who's they? I stated specifically that "they" are bullshitters if they can't produce empirical evidence? How the fuck is that a conspiracy belief? That's, like, the opposite.

What I'm hearing is that you're a fucking moron. You've been riding a desk for the last 10 years telling other people to finish their TPS reports. You sound about like a C student as well. But hey, I'm just thinking that. I don't have enough evidence to conclude I'm right. Just a hunch.

But by your reasoning, you're the kind of poindexter where if one of your subordinates comes in with some calculations that say the weapons in your bunker are unstable because the explosives are degrading, and they come in with a sample of the suspect explosive, you'll pull out the manual, find it isn't mentioned, and call high command. Their "expert" with more credentials than your subordinate with the evidence in his hands says it's impossible, and you continue mismanaging your unit.

Thinking like that lead to this. Also the Challenger disaster, come to think of it.

What I'm hearing is that because I don't have a degree in aerospace engineering, just 2 different stem degrees, I can't make comments, in your mind, on ablative nuclear propulsion. Which, by the way, obviously works at least a little, but you should realize that claiming the "orion drive would work even in vacuum" and "the orion drive lets you reach interstellar travel velocities" are enormously different things. Something you'd know if you even had your claimed credentials.

What smoke and mirrors am I hiding behind? I've not claimed to be in aerospace. I've done some basic math. Maybe you're a fucking liar, so I asked for you to do some calculations that would take about 3 minutes if you really passed aerospace engineering. Also, if you had done them, you would realize that the Orion drive does not let you reach interstellar travel velocities unless you serious adjust your performance assumptions.

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