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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
I don't mean this as a gotcha or anything, but the Senate and Electoral College exists for much the same reason that affirmative action does - to provide some artificial boost and protection to those sparsely populated states that would otherwise be disadvantaged or marginalized. In fact, that really is it in a nutshell - electoral affirmative action.
Yes its affirmative action decided over 200 years ago and unchanged since then despite huge demographic shifts. Its a in affirmative action in favor of Rural and against Urban, which in the current political climate directly means in favor of Republicans and against Democrats. I'm in favor of affirmative action in general, but if we reach the point where a majority of the people accepted to Harvard are African American, despite their being a minority of the applicants, I think I would reach the conclusion that perhaps we didn't need it anymore.

Originally Posted by Thing Fish View Post
Uh. You do realize we'll need to pass a law against gerrymandering before we start throwing people in prison for it, right?
Well on the good side we are reaching the point where gerrymandered maps are being thrown out by the courts. Of course the Supremes could invalidate that with a wave of their pen, or maybe find a way to twist the argument so that Republican Gerrymandering is OK but Democratic Gerrymandering in Maryland is unconstitutional.

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