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Just last week I got introduced to the game of Onitama. It's basically a 5x5 Chess variant, the novelty being with the limited number of moves available on cards drawn at the beginning of the game & the players alternating the movement cards after making a move. It's too soon to say if I'm addicted to it, but the signs are strongly in favor of that being the case. A quick google search turns up a number of different expansion decks but not much is available for the official app on android.

I've just a few questions:
  1. Anyone here played this game?
    1. If so, what did you like about it?
    2. What did you not like?
  2. Did you use the basic and Sensei's Path decks or did you use one of the expansions?
    1. If you used an expansion, which one(s)?
    2. Why did you chose those?
  3. Have you created your own movement cards?
    1. If so, what were your design considerations?
    2. Did you make reflection cards for each movement card you created (for example, one card would be knight moves to the left of the pawn, the reflection would be knight moves to the right of the pawn)?
  4. What would you consider a reasonable number of movement cards for one game in the deck and also in play?
  5. Finally, can you recommend a good android app, even if it's not available on Google Play?

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