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This is pretty much in my neighborhood, one of the Redder areas of otherwise deep Blue Denver Metro. Douglas County also lost a deputy a couple New Years Days ago. And of course there was Columbine, which was Jefferson County but Littleton is in Jefferson as well as Douglas county. Seems like there was some other shoot em up out this way. Aurora is to the north east of here--that's just crazy town. You want to get plugged up close and personal with a handgun in a deal gone bad, then you want Aurora.

I seem to recall from my Sunday School days you pray for the strength to endure, not for protection. After some thoughts, I guess the reality is praying for the strength to endure the heartbreak of this kind of crap is the best anyone can hope for. Sucks. I've got one senior graduated early this year, and another set to walk in a couple weeks. Then the schools are someone else's problem.
Y'all are just too damned serious. Lighten up.

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