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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
The existence of transwomen doesn't preclude the possibility that a man will claim to be a woman for other reasons.
Yeah! The thing that precludes that is that transitioning sucks, transphobia sucks, everyone knows it, dysphoria sucks, and nobody would willingly go through that shit without a good goddamn reason!

Again, if you think people are just pretending to be trans for external reasons, and those reasons aren't "the government will kill me if I don't", you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and probably personally know approximately less than zero actual trans people. The idea is so utterly foreign to anyone who has even looked into this shit that it's not worth taking seriously.

Seriously. Let me put this in terms anyone can understand.

If you say that cismen will transition for spurious reasons, you have failed gender 101 and should spend time speaking to trans people before you return to the discussion.

It's like hearing "well if the earth isn't flat, how come we can't see its curve" or "if humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys" - the question betrays how little you understand about the subject.