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...most men generally don't want to have kids anyway...
I don't think this is the case.

If they ever come up with a reliably reversible vasectomy, this might work out, but probably not otherwise.

I thought I remembered reading about a procedure wherein, instead of cutting and cauterizing the vas deferens, they used a pair of little clamps. The theory was that when and if the guy wanted children, they would remove the clamps, and then re-install them after he was done. I don't think it worked out - too much scar tissue so that the vas never reopened up. Plus, the longer it's been since the vasectomy, the less likely it is that it can be successfully reversed in the sense that you actually get someone pregnant. So a vasectomy at age 16 and a reversal attempt at 26 is going to be different from a reversal at age 35.

When I was snipped, my surgeon told me that I should consider it irreversible.