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Originally Posted by The Stainless Steel Rat View Post
Sunny, shady's got the heart of it; I've loved watching trains since I was a young kid and it's never left me. Shady, the site is Virtual Railfan (, I tend to be found at LaPlata, Horseshoe Curve, and Deshler, but if you like trains, all of them are busy.
I was there in Feb; might make it back next month, too (iffn I get better & can train/race soon enough that it pays to go out there & not embarrass myself with a pathetically slow time.) because a race where you shoot stuff is always fun!

...& you're right; can't remember the last time I took a bath. However, I have showered at least once a day since last Thursday. (prolly more than that, too just can't remember the details of an ordinary, hum-drum day any further back.)

Originally Posted by kopek View Post
You got some 3F handy right? Problem solved!
Iffn I put some 3F in my nose, I could prolly blow thru the vault(s) at Ft. Knox on my next sneezing fit.