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Originally Posted by Buttercup Smith View Post
If y’all ain’t watching Chernobyl on HBO you are cheating yourself.
Not available here yet but I note the recommendation.

Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
Nava - Clearly, Belgium has plans for France.
Favorite touristy item seen this year, in Bretagne: "France: small country between Bretagne and Belgium".

Regarding going-ons in the rest of the world, 1) Cough cough ach-ach-achoo *blows nose* 2) having another round of interviews with a prospective long-term employer 3) some of the emails I get from agents are so absurd they're too stupid to be funny ("expert in international shipping, Iowa law and corrosion prevention, green-belt certified, salary 12000 €, must be under 27").
Evidence gathered through the use of science is easily dismissed through the use of idiocy. - Czarcasm.

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