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Originally Posted by Buttercup Smith View Post
If y’all ain’t watching Chernobyl on HBO you are cheating yourself.
On a barely-related-in-a-MMP-sort-of-way note ------- my Dad collected Soviet stuff and one of his pride and joys was a safety award from Chernobyl. Its one of the few things from his collection I'm keeping. I still remember the big grin on his face when he showed it to me and watched me read "10 years of safe operation" and then the town name. And then let me do the math; it was awarded the year after the famous disaster.

Originally Posted by missred View Post
I'm sorry about your kitty shady. She knew who loved her.
Same from here kiddo for both the kitties. Its a hard thing to wrap my brain around enough to expess but maybe this was their way of letting you grieve at once and not two days apart. Who knows? I got a lot of question for Him should I ever get the chance.