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(Missed the edit window to add)

In post #26 of that thread, Exapno Mapcase confirms the derivation.

Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
Wow. I don't often do vanity searches, because nothing ever comes up. But this time I hit the jackpot!

As everyone correctly says, I took the name from Harpo Marx. The poster is reproduced in his autobiography, Harpo Speaks. The name/phrase/whatever has always stuck in my head and I thought it would be unique and memorable as an online alias. Besides, it signals I'm a Marx Brothers fan and people always let me know if a thread breaks out.

And it's kinda cool in a post-modern sort of way that just like the original Harpo, you can't hear my voice but you know exactly what I'm thinking.

Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
"Defective Detective", your name is also the title of a very enjoyable anthology of short stories -- all literary detective spoofs. Some are really hysterical. I thought you were a fan of the book.
I'm a big fan of the book. Dumb cover, though.