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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
As a law former enforcement officer.
What is a law former enforcement officer?

If you are suggesting I am a former LEO, you are wrong. I went back on the job with another agency after I retired. Just couldnít stay away.

Letís take a look at a current issue.

For decades the BATFE insisted that bump stocks and assorted external trigger accessories were perfectly legal to possess and use.

Then by Presidential decree the government announced those items were not legal. No Vote, just an order by Trump. Then hundreds of thousands of citizens were forced to surrender their property or become federal felons.

No act of Congress.
No due process.
No compensation for seized property.

Substitute bump stock for any other item regulated by the government and you should see the tyranny in this.

Due process and just compensation for seized assets are civil rights. The ďextremistĒ GOA fought for these civil rights while the NRA betrayed itís members and went along with having lawfully obtained property confiscated with no due process or compensation.

The GOA is a tough grader but itís ratings of Pols are an accurate reflection of their overall stances and actions regarding gun rights.