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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
Disregarded again because I never said that Trevor Martin was an angel. As accusations in domestic violence incidents against Zimmerman included a gun threat, you bet "life-threatening" is an appropriate thing to say. Also it is not a good idea for Zimmerman to use a confederate flag as an avatar on the internet, so one can say also that it is really dumb to defend a guy like that still.

And of course, having say that, it does not follow that one automatically believes that Martin did a sensible thing that night, it is more likely that this was a case where both people made mistakes, but one more than the other had the power to defuse the situation and instead forced the issue. You ever considered that there is the positivity that a stupid violent racist bastard induced a fight with a black guy that turned to be a reckless dumb hothead?
Please. Shodan would like to believe Zimmerman was the only one in danger. Not, you know, the kid being followed home in the dark by a guy with a gun. Again, black kids don't get to stand their ground.