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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
IIRC, wasn’t this pretty much a go-to move on The Dick Van Dyke Show? As in, one of the castmembers would say something funny, and someone else would often enough react by laughing, because, hey, that was the point, right? Folks in the real world talk like that to get a laugh, and — well, it works on these characters likewise.
Buddy and Sally got laughs because they were comedy writers. It was their job in the show to make the other characters laugh.

Rob was a comedy writer too, but he could never have gotten away with making a lot of wisecracks because he was also an authority figure. We may have laughed at the things he did because they were so silly, but the other characters normally wouldn't. It would have undermined his persona as an island of relative sanity surrounded by non-stop hilarity.
"Makes you wonder why we bother, eh, Fawlty?"
"Didn't know you did, Major."

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