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Originally Posted by Shoeless View Post
In-show, they do seem to laugh at each other's jokes quite a bit.
That's all I'm asking for in a TV show or movie: people acting like real people.

It's bothered me since... well, since I Love Lucy or Andy Griffith, I guess. In real life, if someone makes a funny comeback, everyone laughs. Apparently in The Television Dimension, the studio audience/laugh track people know when something's funny, but the characters have NO idea.

On almost every sitcom, you get the Set Up Line, followed by the Hilarious Zinger, and maybe a character reacts with a facial expression, but it's not at all like what happens with real people.

With every real person I know, it's Set Up Line, followed by the Hilarious Zinger, then everyone in the room cracks up. New person walks in, and everyone's talking at once: "You just missed it!" "Did you hear what Robbie said?" "Okay, so Chris walks in and Robbie says..." "You should've seen his face!" Then it gets recreated later, and built upon.

Trying not to laugh ("Corpsing" right?) at someone being funny is the opposite of how real people act. Real people are laughing with the joke-teller, and reacting to what they do/say. That's what I want on TV.