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What are the rules on profile signatures?

Who can use signatures?
Anybody can type a signoff at the end of a post, or may have signatures set up in their profiles (to set one up, click "User CP" on the menu bar at the top of each page, and then choose "Edit Signature" from the menu on the left).

How long can my profile signature be?
Your signature should not be more than 4 lines in length (including blank lines) when the browser window is seen on an average size monitor. If your signature is deemed too long, then a staff member may ask you to change it and/or change it for you.

Can my signature have links to my blog or website in it?
Provisionally, yes.

Are there limits on what I can link to in my signature?
The link must be to a site you have a personal interest in or association with; you can't act as someone else's agent to post links. Links to sites promoting porn, criminal enterprises, or other ventures that in our opinion are at odds with the Straight Dope's ignorance-fighting mission are strictly forbidden.

How many times should I include my signature in a thread?
Once per thread should be sufficient for people to admire the pearl of wisdom included in your signature. If you post multiple times in a thread it is recommended that you only include the signature in one of your posts.

What if I copy and paste the same text at the end of each of my posts? That's not a profile signature.
As mentioned above, text included at the end of all your posts is indistinguishable from a profile signature and should follow the rules for profile signatures and links. However, see below about simple signoffs.

Are there any other restrictions?
Please do not use signatures that distract users with large fonts, flashy colors, and other oddities. Signatures are meant to make a statement without taking away from the discussion in the thread.

I like to sign my name at the end of each of my posts. Is that OK?
You can do a simple signoff of the form:

[complimentary close - optional]
[your name]

... at the end of each post. By "complimentary close" we mean some brief valedictory such as "regards," "peace," etc. Please don't push the envelope.

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