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Why Have Small Bedroom TV's disappeared from the market?

Small Bedroom TV's have been a part of my life since age 12. My dad ran coax into my bedroom for my Christmas gift. They gave me a 15" tube set and stand from their bedroom. TV in bed. Awesome.

I currently have a 17" LCD flat screen purchased in 2007. The base is dual purpose. It sits on a table or wall mounts. I installed an electrical plug behind the tv and built a shelf for the DirecTV box. I also have micro speakers wall mounted for my mp3's.

I wanted to get a similar LCD for the bedroom I'll use at my mom's new house.

They aren't sold anymore! I wasted over an hour looking at TV's on Amazon, Walmart, and Sams Club.

I nearly bought this one with built-in dvd. But it's 24 inches!!!!! That's the same size as the Sony CRT (1998) in my living room. ::EEK::

They do offer little 9" screens that are basically tablets on a stand. I own a tablet and I do use it to watch streaming video from A&E and HISTORY.

I finally went to Ebay and bought a used Flat Screen very similar to mine. $60

I have absolutely no interest in Smart TV's or High Def. All I care about is basic tv.

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