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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
That 13.3 fits the bill perfectly.

Thank you. I'll talk to my SO and we'll probably order it.

The spare bedroom at my moms new house is pretty small. Roughly 12x12 and it has a queen size bed.

Anything too big will overwhelm it.
I would never in a million years buy a no-name electronic device from Walmart. IMHO, you are throwing that money down the drain. The TV will die within months. Here is a thread in which we discussed how Walmart pressures manufacturers into producing shoddier versions of their products.

And notice that its rating with Walmart customers, not exactly the most tech savvy people in the world, is pretty crappy: 3.7 out of 5 five stars. So even if it keeps working for a while, it will probably not have a great looking picture.

For $130 you can get a Samsung 24-inch set that I guarantee will have a vastly better picture and keep working after the trash truck has carted away the box. LG has similar sets at similar prices. Spend up to $150, and you can get a 32-inch TCL smart TV recommended by Amazon. All have user ratings of four stars or higher.

In addition to these three brands, you could trust Vizio (a slight step down in quality and reliability, IMHO) as well as Sony and Panasonic, which are at least as good as Samsung, but don't have anything in the price range we're talking about. Supersonic and Spectre? No-name garbage.

You believe that larger sets will "overwhelm" the room, but trust me, it is very easy to get used to a larger picture. When I moved in with my wife about 7 years ago, she had a 32-inch set in her bedroom, and was appalled when I replaced it with my 55-inch set. Within a few weeks it became her new normal, and she couldn't imagine how she lived with the little 32-incher. Our current TV is 70 inches.

The main reason you can't find many small sets: bigger ones are cheap and everyone loves bigger pictures. You will too, once you try it.

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