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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
11 page response? I figured it would just be "F**k you, we don't care"
Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
Legal briefs are sometimes unnecessarily prolix, but I think that's what the letter boils down to.
Yup. Still, one suspects that they had it all ready to go given the length and quality of the writing.

I've seen one or two of Cipollone's denial letters, before this.Usually he just gets straight to the point, where the point is in essence, "Get off my lawn." He's the legal equivalent of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he gives two shits about what you want. Unless you've got a guy with a gun, he's just going to ignore every request, throw out some nonsense that makes it clear that he's stonewalling, and add in a few jabs to make sure that you know that you're fucked (short of getting a guy with a gun to come execute a warrant against him).

And, given the difficulty of sending armed LEO's with warrants into the White House, Cipollone is basically correct. They're all wasting his time. Trump's protected by the Republican Senate. Cipollone is protected by Executive Privilege and pardon power.

At some point, the Supreme Court is going to order the White House to turn over something that Trump doesn't want to, and we're going to get into a real uncomfortable situation. Fundamentally, the will of the Supreme Court is executed through the White House. If the Executive isn't willing to execute, then that renders everything they decide moot. The only out is impeachment. So again, minus the political will to impeach, Trump and his crew, legally, don't have to do jack shit ever, period. To the extent that offering legal responses back is even worth doing, it's just because it's funny to watch people fighting it like they think the law matters.

It's basically the same principal that Putin uses. Laws, kindness, reasonableness, etc. are all just handicaps for the person who takes them on and, by extension, that person is an idiot and deserves to have their handicap pointed out to them, be mocked for it, and then taken advantage of because they stick to it.

It's the power of the troll to defeat the uptight person who needs to loosen their panties and get a life.