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Originally Posted by E-DUB View Post
Some folks here are looking at the Hatch Act through the wrong end of the telescope. It isn't about "taking away" the rights of some public employees. It's about people voluntarily surrendering those rights for the privilege of serving is those positions. You know the rules going in and by going in you agree to follow them.
Yeah. I mean, you'd really think an honest-to-god lawyer wouldn't make this mistake. It boggles the mind how one could be a lawyer, speak from one's authority as a lawyer, and get something so simple so wrong. I can't really think of a reason why.

Actually, I can. This is what happens when partisanship is strong and one party is, not to mince words, fucking evil. You get this. People making flimsy excuses for breaking the law, because the alternative is admitting, "my side is wrong in a very meaningful way and we may face consequences for doing so". And that's viscerally painful for many people (myself included). So they can't admit that. They can't admit, "Wow, yeah, there's a law against that and asking that that law be enforced is not unreasonable, it is how government is supposed to work." So instead they parrot the bullshit excuses offered by the people who definitely know better but are paid to look the other way, and pretend everything is fine as yet more norms and laws are broken and we shovel another group of minorities into concentration camps as the administration says, "Oh, that's cute, you expect the law to matter".

This is how we get fascism, by the way.