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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
Saw it last night, and really enjoyed it! I think they've finally figured out how to properly do "DC dark" in the movies - make the setting as grimdark as you want, but keep the darkness off the heroes. Sivana was a first-rate villain, and the bit where he meets his dad in the boardroom was surprisingly graphic.
I just saw it today, and yes the boardroom scene was pretty graphic, particularly when one of the monsters/sins bit the head off one of the suits. I think I saw a family leave right after that.

I liked it, and in an earlier thread mentioned that some elements reminded me of the Tom Hanks movie Big. So it was amusing when there was a brief reference to that movie (in the scene in the mall, Billy-as-Shazam crashed through a wall and landed on a floor keyboard like in the FAO Schwartz scene in Big).

BTW, did he ever settle on a superhero name? It seemed that he didn't.