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it didn't exist because the girl had hallucinated the monster into existence (with the help from Zellin, probably).
But, again, it did exist. She could touch it, scan it, see it. It also existed because it killed people. It didn't exist in the TARDIS data banks but why not? That goes back to the readings. It looks like A and B but those don't fit anything known compared to no information at all.

Latest episode.

Not knowing or read Frankenstein, I only saw a few connections and agree maybe it could have been tighter. And I'm not sure that they left it where she was going to write it down?

See, that's the problem at times. If aliens are the reason for human things, then it detracts from humanity and the achievements we have done. I don't think you want that. So, things like this have to handled carefully. I think The Wasp and the Unicorn is a much better example of working a historical figure and what they created into it. If they had already been writing and MS complained about where to go or how to do something, then the adventure could have nudged her without taking away her creativity.

I did enjoy it and yes to the Doctor's arrogance. It is up to her to make the decision. I'm hoping that having the Cyberium in her for a time means that she was able to plant a few things to stop something later. I will see.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the upcoming finale.