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Originally Posted by DorkVader View Post
Thats a small 1 bedroom apt. With "you don't actually need any help but your old enough or alone enough to want someone on hand 24/7 just in case" level of care
Plus, Idaho, good chance the cost of living is over all lower here than there
I spent some time at one of the nicer assisted living facilities up here. You buy your residence and then you pay a monthly fee for services. It's staggering only if you don't know what a regular nursing home costs per month. In this one, a 2BR 2 bath in independent living was $3500 a month or so, the highest it gets. They have a huge number of residents and a massive philanthropy fund, meaning even if residents do deplete their assets over time, even when moved to nursing care if that is needed, that's their home and they stay there throughout. That's not all that shocking I guess for a decent organization, but I had no idea.

Now in retrospect, all the residents from faraway states make more sense to me.