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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
SCM...T, were you able to actually complete the Frugal challenge after unlocking it? I portaled my last run as soon as I completed Z90, and am considering maybe pushing for 100 this time. But on the Wiki there are some recommended builds for running the challenge, and they use like 400-500K He. I only have 119K He earned so far, so I'm wondering if it's worth it.
Oh, yeah, it was not a particular problem with a bit less than that much, and you'll have more than that after a 100 run. I sold off some carpentry and looting etc., bought up to 20 resilience and 34 toughness. One trick is that I completed level 21 first for the Coordination before coming back to Anger. It took maybe 2 hours, if that. I did a bunch of quick challenge runs in succession, that and Scientist III (which felt wierdly similar, also no prestiges there) and Trapper and Decay. I'm tempted to start on dailies but I'm starting another deep dive now.