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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
You will note that among these "idiots" you must include the panel of leading international experts on the IPCC Working Group 3 who produced the latest IPCC AR5 report. Working Group 3 specifically addresses the challenges of mitigating climate change. The report runs to nearly 1500 pages and draws from the latest research on every aspect of climate change mitigation from technology, economic, and policy perspectives. Your brilliant "very obvious" idea that is "certain to happen" was not considered even worth a serious discussion. It occupies little more than one paragraph among the 1500 pages, the purpose of which is basically to dismiss the idea.
You're a moron. I just looked at the actual fucking IPCC documents, and there are exhaustive discussions of climate mitigation methods. All over the fucking place. And there are specific policy statements that methods that might be a "fix" for the problem are being deliberately left out as to avoid misleading policymakers that climate change has a "quick fix". This matter has been discussed since the 1960s, and the math does appear to check out on it, the IPCC just isn't willing to stake it's reputation on any particular method that might not work. Since the only method that is 100% going to work is reducing CO2. But since that isn't happening, there's other options.

I'm done. If you're just going to fucking lie in order to deliver more insults, why the fuck should I discuss anything with you? Go to hell, idiot.

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