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I suppose it's also possible he thinks that kids with special needs are worthless. Considering his racist and sociopathic beliefs that were commented on here, that would be consistent with the rest of his reprehensible and ignorant bullshit.

This is actually the intellectual equivalent -- in terms of sheer cluelessness -- to Sammy's solution to the world's climate problem that he so wonderfully articulated in post #952, wherein Sammy proposes "a thin layer of cheap gas", and this magic gas will magically block sunlight, because it's "the opposite of a heating gas" (Sammy's own words). Sammy thus demonstrates a laughable abject ignorance of how greenhouse gases actually work and the basic principles of radiative transfer involved, just for starters.
Just as a technical side note, even the most crackpot ideas for climate engineering always involve either CO2 sequestration -- which does theoretically make sense -- or some type of forced albedo changes on the surface or upper atmosphere. It's the atmospheric albedo engineering that the IPCC so adamantly rejected, as I previously noted -- Sammy's actual idea is just blithering nonsense.
You no longer are even making me mad enough to reply with much energy, other than to simply quote the above statements as examples of incoherent ranting.

It is intellectually dishonest for you to try to claim that humans with severely diminished mental capacity are equal in worth to functional humans. This is lip service and an incoherent belief that society doesn't even hold. (instant counterexample: felons. Humans are not all equally probable to become criminals...)

So I'm not sure what crowd you are trying to score points with by calling such an attitude "reprehensible".

As for an aerosol in the upper atmosphere blocking sunlight and thus greenhouse effect heating, I am not sure what you are ranting about. Sulfur dioxide injections are a cheap gas and one you could say has a negative global warming potential. I stand by my statement as it makes perfect sense to any reasonable adult as written.

Originally Posted by erysichthon View Post
You sound a bit tense. Maybe it's time for another "dating trip" to Eastern Europe?
That sounds like it will do the trick. Too bad I'm busy preparing for my FAANG interviews.

Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Jesus Christ. That's fucking insulting. Teaching students with learning disabilities takes incredible skill and craft and training.

Do you actually think "special ed teacher" is an insult? Do you think SpEd is inferior teachers teaching inferior kids?

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