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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
As for an aerosol in the upper atmosphere blocking sunlight and thus greenhouse effect heating, I am not sure what you are ranting about. Sulfur dioxide injections are a cheap gas and one you could say has a negative global warming potential. I stand by my statement as it makes perfect sense to any reasonable adult as written.
I'm going to reverse the chronological order of the quotes to deal with the simpler one first.

SamuelA, you really are a fucking moron with absolutely zero understanding of anything related to climate, or anything else, as far as I can tell. An "aerosol" and a "gas" are two different things, and you were claiming some magic gas (a "thin layer" of it, no less) as a magic solution to this problem. SO2 in itself, like any gas, including GHGs, can only absorb and re-emit radiation in different parts of the spectrum, a fact that you still fail to understand, because you don't understand anything about the stuff you're pontificating about, as usual.

But SO2 is able to combine with atmospheric water vapor to form particulates of H2S04 -- sulphuric acid droplets. Which leads to a whole entirely different scenario, and not a pleasant one. This is specifically the albedo factor I was referring to, and these particulates do in fact increase albedo because now you have actual reflective particles of liquid (not a "magic gas") in the atmosphere, and which also has all the negative impacts I previously mentioned. It's not a magic gas that creates the albedo effect, it's the shit that it creates in the atmosphere, in this case, the impact of sulphuric acid raining down on us. I've personally witnessed vast expanses of pristeen lakes in some of the most beautiful parts of northern Canada that should have been thriving with life, that were completely dead. Vast beautiful lakes completely devoid of life. Buildings, streets, bridges, and other infrastructures were crumbling under the assault of acid rain. Only in recent years with the elimination of this polluting scourge have fish and wildlife started to return. The elimination of acid rain was the most successful environmental program in the history of the EPA. It was, in fact, the most successful environmental program ever achieved in history.

So for once we actually got together as a civilization and fixed a major problem, and your brilliant "solution" is to intentionally bring it all back again! Bring back acid rain in greater quantities than ever. And if we ever decide to stop it, say because all our lakes and rivers and forests are dying again, then the earth's temperature would rebound to an extent that it would kill us all.

You truly are a fucking ignorant moron.
Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
It is intellectually dishonest for you to try to claim that humans with severely diminished mental capacity are equal in worth to functional humans. This is lip service and an incoherent belief that society doesn't even hold. (instant counterexample: felons. Humans are not all equally probable to become criminals...)

So I'm not sure what crowd you are trying to score points with by calling such an attitude "reprehensible".
I'll add to the above quote that there was also a question (post #977), "Do you think SpEd is inferior teachers teaching inferior kids?", to which SamuelA responded, "Correct".

Listen to me carefully, SamuelA, because I'm not joking or just trying to be insulting. Your utter lack of empathy is truly pathological, as are the suggestions of racism and sociopathy that you've also demonstrated. You should constructively interpret the feedback in this thread as an attempt to be helpful, not as a frivolous put-down. I suspect -- though I don't know for sure -- that you have high-functioning autism, and you certainly exhibit significant symptoms of it. People with this condition have been very successful in many fields, but they have to face it and deal with it properly. This is not going to turn out well for you in the real world that we all have to live in if you continue on in this way. I sincerely do not mean that as an insult.

You have the potential to be a contributing member of society but you need professional help to deal with your issues. Your complete absence of empathy is a serious red-flag indicator that goes far beyond just arrogance and simple immaturity. I don't personally have the patience to repeat this multiple times. If you continue to engage here, expect the consequences to continue to be the same. You're not going to get any special treatment from me or, from the looks of it, from anyone else here, because it's not the purpose of this board to provide therapy.