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I was a Special Ed student. I literally rode the short bus. I wound up doing OK. I don't think my life has been anything to brag about, but I graduated from high school and a good university with honors, spent two years in a highly selective PhD program (Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), served in the U.S. Army Reserves, including two deployments to the Gulf, and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and the position of Platoon Sergeant before being honorably discharged, and now own my own home, am gainfully employed, pay taxes, and so forth. Granted, my job isn't as glamorous or highly paid as a "six figure job at a FAANG firm", but it's honest work, productive work that I think contributes to society, and it's also a job I actually currently have, not one I'm going to "interview for tomorrow".

SamuelA, you have expressed a lot of opinions that I think merely reflect ignorance. The fact that you think that calling someone a Special Ed teacher is an insult is just stupid. But the beliefs you've espoused about the "worth" of human beings who have cognitive and behavioral issues...I am not "trying to score points" with any "crowd" when I tell you this. You are a truly loathsome human being.

Oh, and running coach, JohnT, when you apparently tried to turn SamuelA's insults against him by implying he was himself a Special Ed student,

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It was where he was in SpEd.
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Well, just because yours was ineffectual, doesn't mean they all are.
Frankly, that's also fairly loathsome. Calling a homophobe a fag isn't hitting a bigot where it hurts, it's just perpetuating bigotry. Same thing with responding to someone who expresses loathsome ideas about Special Ed students by saying they were in Special Ed.