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I'd been away for a little while on travel, and hadn't caught up on things. I saw one thing that disturbs me about him. Relating to this exchange and his related mini-meltdown, I want to completely disassociate myself with anything he holds, considers, thinks, or otherwise espouses.

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Oh, quick parting shot. "world renowned experts" are the ones who concluded, from the data, that nuclear fission was possible and achievable. And, through a long series of development steps, made it work, and then later made it work even better.

Whole armadas of these fellas are at Los Alamos and other laboratories and while they haven't been able to make much further progress, they are still employed by the government.

Anyways, individuals with similar pedigrees and demonstrated track records are the ones who say that AI is possible and nanotechnology is possible and so on. They occupy equivalent academic positions, if not higher, than nuclear physicists do, and while many of the engineering problems in the way have yet to be solved, they are generally thought to be solvable.
That's pretty bold statement from someone in neither industry.

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
That's what I meant. So you aren't arguing with me, you're arguing with the position of the national nanotechnology initiative, the entire staff at Google Brain, the MIT media lab - those random riffraff and ragheads. What do they know? You're a bomb technician*! You can read circuit diagrams! You can maybe even build your own bomb, if it's not too complicated. What do those people know that you don't? They are just academics...

*and maybe a former military officer though I don't know if your technical knowledge goes to the ability to actually design anything.
At no point in your whataboutism was I arguing with a position of "national nanotechnology initiatives." I was demonstrating your words in one link after a ten second search. I could care less about "nanotechnology inititatives," or any of your half-witted ideas, or self-aggrandizing bloat-posts. I noted your "ragheads" reference. Your racism really classes this discussion up. I don't know you, other than the words on the screen. Your words, and some of your opinions, are filthy, vulgar, and stupid. Your words reflect you. I don't think a filthy, vulgar, stupid person is worthy of attention, let alone hiring.

However, I will not have you put your racist words into my mouth. If you were intending to imply that I have ever held an opinion of that sort, then make your apology and move on.

Your homework: make an apology to this thread.