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I feel so sad for you. I don't have my childhood stuffed animals anymore, but I have pictures and other little items that would be heartbreaking to lose. (My father took one of my favorite photos out of its frame to scan it -- without asking! -- and I was thinking you are SO lucky nothing happened to it.)

More mundane but frustrating: I worked in facilities for a medical institution and we got a new company to do our lab coat laundering. Now, they were trying to get our business so you would think they would be careful. But they were used to supply the coats to their customers, not laundering coats turned in to them. But the rep knew this was what we were doing -- handing in our coats with paper labels I had attached to each one. Some of them were coats that docs had had presented to them with personalizations, etc. They got picked up and laundered, the labels washed away, and some of the non-vendor coats were simply lost. I felt sick about it but also just angry at the incompetence of a company trying to get their foot in the door.

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