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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
...My question is HOW does he control them-- what practical rewards and punishments does he have at his disposal to make sure no one in the Senate steps one millimeter away from the party line?
Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
The major reward, IMHO, is that he protects the more vulnerable GOP Senators from having to take difficult votes, by refusing to take up legislation that the Dems would like to force them to take sides on.

He also knows that Senators like Susan Collins need to at least pretend to be moderates in order to stay in office, so he lets them vote against the party line when he has more votes than he needs. (Although Collins is suddenly looking vulnerable, at least partially thanks to her over-the-top support of Kavanaugh last year.)
Are you sure he isn't keeping the family pets caged and attached to electrodes in the basement of the Senate chamber?
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