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I agree with you, but it seems like the networks have more or less given up. Seriously, who wants to watch "Puppy Bowl X"? ABC Family has "Home Alone 2". I would think the SciFi channel would be the biggest winner since most of us geeks could care less about the super bowl, but they put on "Ghost Hunters". The one show no science geek wants to watch. Discovery Channel puts on "The True Story of Jesus." Once again, this is a show designed for "true Americans" as defined by Sarah Palin, and those "true Americans" are watching the Superbowl. Comedy Central is putting on "Scary Movie 4".

Somebody needs to target the non-Superbowl watching audience. They may not beat the Superbowl, but they will get a good audience.

They have all given up, so those of us not watching the Superbowl have gotten into the habit of renting movies or doing someting else. I will DVR the Superbowl though, so I can skip through the game and watch the commercials at my lesiure.