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Originally posted by Monstre
And Never Say Never Again was essentially a re-telling of Thunderball, if I remember correctly.

Well, I think that they DID use some of the same character names, like the name of the villain. But that was it. And I mean it. This was about the wildest departure from the book version that I've seen.

If I recall, the book focused on the bad guy acquiring one -- I repeat -- one nuclear missile, the Moonraker rocket, and there was the threat that he would detonate it -- blow up part of England or something, I think.

In the movie, we have space station, complete with space shuttle fleet, and laser battles in the station (and in space, outside the station). Yoikes!
Yep, the only thing the same was the name of the main character, Hugo Drax. The character himself was changed completely--Drax in the book was an obnoxious, boorish slob, not the elegant gentleman of the book. The first third of the book dealt with M having Bond try to catch Drax hustling high stakes bridge at an exclusive gentleman's club for high ranking government officials and powerful businessmen. The climax of this part occurs when Bond figures out the hustle and he and M con Drax. It's actually quite clever in the book, but it's unlikely to have worked on screen for more than a few minutes. Fleming likes to really draw out his gambling scenes, which works well in print, but not so much on screen.

The rest of the book, however, would have worked well. Drax is an industrialist who has managed to build the world's first ICBM (though it isn't called that), and has done it for England (remember this was in the 50's). Drax is actually a mole who intends to target the test firing on London. It's part con game, part murder mystery, part industrial sabotage. It would have made a much better movie than the one they made. The interesting thing is, it still would make a good Bond movie--change the name of the title character and the rocket, and the story is new.

Casino Royale also would make a good movie--none of the book made it into the movie, and it has an ending that makes OHMSS look upbeat.

Sigh. Though I like the flashy action sequences and nifty toys, I want a Bond movie like Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and On Her Majesties Secret Service. Dump the gadgets and show Bond surviving and succeeding or failing using his wits, guts, and tenacity. And while I'm wishing, I'd like a pony.