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Originally Posted by Mr Downtown View Post
I don't agree with nevadaexile. Nearly all two-flats were built as such. Chicago's middle-class families of the early 20th century saw the investment value of living in one unit and renting out the other.

Like most vernacular architecture, the style of the building in the picture doesn't really have a name. As for the name, we also have three-flats and six-flats all over the city. There's some thought that it may be an explicit description that all rooms of the unit are on the same level. That wouldn't have been true of most houses at the time.

I like to joke that Chicago is a city of only 12 buildings, each repeated 80,000 times. That's one of the themes we'll be exploring at next year's Vernacular Architecture Forum in Chicago.
Didn’t ask you to “agree”; I was simply stating a fact.
Most of the two flats in Chicago were single family homes that were later converted to duplexes.Walking inside of them will quickly make apparent.