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I've been showing these for years at parties

The Classics:

Plan Nine from Outer Space

Robot Monster


It Came from Hollywood

(Zacherle's) Horrible Borror

Just Bad Films, but entertainingly awful

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

The Giant Claw

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze

Deadly Friend


Terror in the Tropics

The Forbidden Zone*

Invaders from Mars**

Battlefield Earth

10,000 B.C.

Zontar, The Thing from Venus***

Creature of Destruction ***

Invasion of the Eye Creatures***

Beginning of the End

Star Crystal****

And, of course:

The Star Wars Holiday Special

* You may actually think this is good. It's certainly weird, and creative. But I find it incredibly racist. I tried showing it at one of my Bad Film Festivals, and my wife asked for it to be turned off during the opening credits\, but she was voted down. Everyone else agreed with her five minutes into the movie

** THis film is considered a classic, and I'll give it props for direction and set design. But it's irredeemably dumb. When I watched it at an Art Cinema (the kind where people get dressed up, and they don't sell refreshments, because they don't want the carpeted floors to get sticky), the audience started booing and yelling dereisive comments at the screen.

***These films are so bottom-of-the-barrel that they are actually lower-budget remakes of films that were already poverty-row original films. These are even lower in quality and in acting.

****One of the innumerable retreads of Alien that came out after 1979. This one has a unique twist, but an awful one -- they stop the creature by

converting it to Christianity. No joke.

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