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As far as I know, the local large labs (LabCorp and Quest) have the ability to do tests (ie have the test kits) but there is nowhere to get the samples taken. It's not as easy as they make it seem, just "get enough test kits" and you can be tested. I have the ability to obtain the necessary swabs and transport media (in fact I know I at least have the media in the office) but I can't get the protective equipment recommended for testers (impervious gowns and masks with face shield). More important, even though the swabs can be refrigerated up to 3 days, the local lab will only take them frozen. I would have to invest in a freezer and daily dry ice shipments in case I needed to do a test. There is nowhere to send people for testing. The local hospitals are only going with the strictest CDC recommendations which require both symptoms and known contact or known travel to a high risk area. I have no idea why they are not using the local labs. The biggest hospital in the area just sent out a notice that they would NOT be creating a designated testing area. I had patient who really should have been tested (fever, cough and recent travel). I told her to quarantine and call me if the symptoms worsened. She got worse and went to the ER where they determined she was at risk and told her to see me to be tested. I begged them to test her while she was in the ER. They finally agreed pending the results of flu tests and a viral panel. One of the viral tests came up positive which was a relief but the ER would not test her and she now does not meet CDC criteria. Her work will not allow her back without a negative test so they have sent her back to me. I had to argue with them that we knew what she has, which is NOT Covid-19. However, if the viral panel had been negative, I just hope the ER would agree to test her, otherwise, I don't know what to do. We need independent/drive in testing stations. I'm happy to triage and write the referrals, I'm just caught in the middle here. I had literally hours of patient phone calls yesterday, trying to reassure patients and tell them what warranted an ER visit.
Can we reboot 2020? I think it has a virus.

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