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Maintaining 6-Foot Distance in Public - Tips and Experiences

Inspired by this post:

Originally Posted by Newtosite View Post
So I went to some grocery stores yesterday. Even though I stood several feet away from the next person in line, people crowded right next to me from behind.
And when I got take-out from a restaurant, it seemed as though the staff and customers were oblivious - standing close to me, touching me when they took my credit card and handed me the food, etc.
How are you guys handling trying to maintain a 6-foot distance when the people around you don't seem to care? What have your experiences been?

I have to go to the drugstore tomorrow, and I'm worried that I may have to tell people to stay away from me. I will not hesitate to do so, but I'm hoping to minimize interpersonal friction.

For what it's worth, it's very important to me to maintain this distance because a. I'm somewhat immunocompromised, and b. I have a cold. I don't think I have Covid-19, but it's a possible that I do and am only partially symptomatic. But you can see why I'm especially concerned about either catching it or maybe transmitting it.

I have an N95 mask. I'm thinking of wearing it just to make myself look more like I should be avoided.