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Originally Posted by RioRico View Post
The Made-In-China site lists the chloroquine diphosphate price as $1/kg with capacity of 1,000,000 kg so that's a start. I don't see their lead time. Expect to see scam offers of homebrew kits. Bathub COVID cure FTW!
I bought some non-USP grade 99% pure CP about a 3 weeks ago when the reports about its efficacy were coming out of Wuhan. Iíve been researching the dangers of using something like this and getting mixed feedback. Obviously, any doctor or chemist is gonna have to officially say itís dangerous, but one pharmaceutical chemist said heíd probably trust the reagent grade over USP. Itís probably purer but the important question is the human toxicity of those impurities. The three potential impurities of CP synthesis all appear less dangerous than CP itself. Just have to hope they didnít use the same tub to make arsenic an hour before. I donít know if youíre a chemist, but Iíd be curious to hear your or othersí takes. Iíd probably only use it if a legit source wasnít available and pneumonia appeared to be going critical. I have an elderly mother who gets pneumonia yearly who had a bilateral lung lobectomy. Covid 19 would essentially be a death sentence so, in some cases, Iíd be willing to take a risk. Iíll await the replies of my utter insanity.