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Originally Posted by Jim Peebles View Post
4 to 6 months with a Manhattan Project level effort, for a drug used by humans for malaria since the 40's, when the entire country is facing financial calamity (at least)? RIDICULOUS.
All the equipment has to be set up to produce the product. The testing methods, while well known, have to be established in the laboratory. Procedures have to be written and operators have to be trained. Physical plant changes may be necessary. Once things are functioning, you're not going to put the output into people without testing.

I could make a CP tablet in a pilot plant in a matter of days. But I wouldn't put it in my body.

Drugs are serious business, and all these safeguards are there because without them people die. And you don't want to circulate 100 million tablets in an emergency, only to find out you've replaced a 3% mortality rate from a virus with a 10% mortality rate from the medicine.

It isn't about knowing how to do it, it's about doing it and making sure it's right.