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Originally Posted by not what you'd expect View Post
I see that some of the ships are offering to act as hospitals. Is this a good idea or not? I know that they seem to be really bad about spreading disease, but I'm not sure why so I'm not sure what would have to be done to make this a good idea. Can someone educate me on that?
There are a couple of reasons they spread disease- one is that you have a couple of thousand people on each ship and another is that they are constantly mixing with each other. And while people might stay at home if they feel a little under the weather, they don't typically confine themselves to their room on a ship unless they are flat out sick, in part because there is little to do in the room - it's not like you can watch Netflix on the room's TV - so people who feel mostly OK but have a cough, a slight fever, a mild case of the runs are still going to restaurants, to shows, to the casino. Those issues won't present a problem if the ship is used as a hospital or infirmary and people are confined to their rooms.