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What will things be like in 6 mos? 12 mos?

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what society will be like some months in the future? Feel free to answer best case vs worst case scenarios.

How many people will have died from COVID19?
Will we still be on some form of lockdown?
Will restaurants be open?
Will we be able to buy food? TP?

I don't wish to be either alarmist or sanguine. Just trying to get my head around what the future reasonably holds.

I guess my main hope is that if I and my loved ones catch it, we aren't in the small percentage w/severe reactions. Barring that, longterm lockdown is one thing, so long as we can buy food and supplies, and have access to media.

Any reason to think so many farmers, factory workers, truckers/store workers will be knocked out at any one time such that the food/supply chain will be broken? What are you thinking the likely longer term path of this will be? What lessons can we take from what other countries have already experienced?
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