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I work at one of those schools. We're working as hard as we can just to make sure that, come Monday, when our classes resume, all online, everything goes as smoothly as possible. (It won't.) You're asking reasonable questions, but we may not yet have answers. Things are changing quickly—the governor just announced today that he's ordering most businesses to close as of Sunday evening. Nobody knows how long this is going to last. As for us, we're starting to move our summer courses online, and we just don't know what's going to happen in the Fall. Everything now depends on the course of the pandemic.

Contrary to Beck's experience, I know that we're refunding students for the time this spring semester when they won't be in the dorms. I haven't heard what we're doing for the meal plans but I'm assuming something similar. It's going to cost us a ton.

As for whether you should be asking these questions or your daughter should, these days nobody will be surprised to see these questions coming from the parent. Parents are much more involved at this level than they used to be, and we've just come to expect it.