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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Please don't. That's a huge wall of text explaining things to them they already know and asking them questions they can't possibly answer now.

Just ask about gap year and a delayed start. You don't have to rationalize why. They know why. This is like explaining to the waiter, in grueling detail, why you don't like sweet potato fries, and why you should be allowed to substitute the mixed veggies. To the degree that he needs to know, he already does; you explaining doesn't change his opinion. Just ask.
Ah, you've waited on my mom... "Now, if the sweet potato fries are limp... are they limp?'s probably because they're fried in hydrogenated oil. I just don't digest sweet potato fries the way I should. Ever since I turned... well, the decade I'm in. So if they're limp... would you call them limp?... I'll eat them all, I can't stop, but I'll call you when I'm up at 3 am. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like all types of fries. Well, I like them, but they just don't like me..."

But I agree. I'd have the daughter send a short question.

I teach college freshmen, and when I get an email from a parent, I reply that in my experience when the parents speak for their student, the student eventually ends up bailing out. And I say "So, in hopes of helping your student grow up, I didn't read your email. Sorry! But tell your son/daughter I'll watch for theirs and reply immediately."