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Originally Posted by doreen View Post
I think someone has mixed up "based in the US" and "sailing under a flag of convenience" . I didn't look up every cruise line, but Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Holland America are all based in the US and presumably pay US axes. But all of their ships (except one of NCLs) are registered outside the US.
Do a search on "is shipping flag of convenience used to evade taxes".

Flag of convenience is used to get around regulations and taxes in the US.

You don't fly the Stars and Stripes, you don't get the benefits.

No way us taxpayers should be bailing out cruise ships. Non-essential, the ships themselves employee majority of crew from emerging markets, and they are giant floating petri dishes.

We need to keep the economy going, protect infrastructure, and support the most vulnerable among us. We don't need to bailout cruise ships.