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Hi there - congrats!! We welcomed a little girl on Feb 1, and have gone through stages of anxiety re: COVID-19 and babies. I can tell you what OUR doctor and pediatrician have said. The pediatrician confirms that her info suggests children AND infants seem to suffer very mild or no symptoms, and (this was a couple of weeks ago) that we should be more concerned about Flu or RSV for our babes right now, since those are baddies they're most likely to get. My OB confirms that infants have mild or no symptoms and was also not-very-concerned.

I saw this report today of a 10-month old in China who has died, but they had been suffering from a bowel blockage unrelated to the virus. Other children in the article who'd been hospitalized also had "serious health conditions" unrelated to the virus.

My own experience: I work at a Children's Hospital in a region that's been hard-hit by coronavirus, and we've had 5 confirmed cases, all of whom are recovering at home.

So, I'm less worried these days, but then again our baby is healthy also a little bit more robust at 7 weeks old. Nobody wants their newborn baby to get sick or have a fever. I know at my hospital, a <3 month old with a fever in the ED typically gets a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis... nooooo thank you! So, my take is that we take our social distancing thing seriously, and not get too crazy worried about it.

Of course my husband is an RN who goes back to work in 2 weeks, at a hospital where he'll be taking care of COVID patients... so I'm sure my anxiety will be revisited then. :-(