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Originally Posted by China Guy View Post
When I was a backpacking traveller in China back in the 80's, IIRC chloroquine was no longer used to treat malaria. In fact, travelling buddies were told by doctors in HK and Singapore to flush their "if I get sick in the middle of India emergency supply" and replace it with something that had far fewer side effects.

OldOlds, you sound like an industry pro that has done this for living. Can you share your background (understand if you don't want to out yourself on these boards).
I am in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, over 25 years now. I am currently at the mid-to-senior management level (I am not an executive, but just below that). I started right out of college in actual hands-on manufacturing, and I have managed a manufacturing facility, worked as a program manager for various drug development programs and worked on a number of clinical trials.

I have a degree in a scientific discipline, but I am NOT a scientist- IMO one must do that job to claim that title, and I have worked with many "real" scientists and wouldn't put myself in that category.

Like anything, pharmaceuticals is a broad field with specializations. Mine is injectable radiopharmaceuticals, which is an odd & esoteric corner of the business. But worth noting, because I haven't had anything to do with tablets in quite a long time.