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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Please don't. That's a huge wall of text explaining things to them they already know and asking them questions they can't possibly answer now.

Just ask about gap year and a delayed start. You don't have to rationalize why. They know why. This is like explaining to the waiter, in grueling detail, why you don't like sweet potato fries, and why you should be allowed to substitute the mixed veggies. To the degree that he needs to know, he already does; you explaining doesn't change his opinion. Just ask.
This post nails it.

They already know your concerns but unfortunately they canít read the future. You want answers that no one has.
Iím embarrassed for you, that youíre writing and not the student. They might be willing to engage with a student over these concerns. But a helicoptering parent looking for Ďhard answersí that flat out donít exist? I very much doubt they currently have time to engage with you if itís not self evident they donít yet have answers to these questions.

Everybodyís normal has been disrupted. What will happen? HOW will it work out? Youíre just gonna have to do the same as everyone else, be calm and wait and see. A few weeks or months from now answers will come.

Yes, it sucks to not know. Everybody is in the same boat, itís unsettling, but manageable if you make an effort.