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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
Parents communicating with professors directly, such as over grades or student performance, is completely different situation from the OP’s.

I wouldn’t consider it embarrassing at all for a parent of a new student to contact administration over administrative matters such as those the OP is writing about.

This is not anywhere near the same ballpark as a parent contacting a professor over classroom matters.
In my experience, what is normal is for both parents and the kid to be involved. The kid should be at the very least cc'd on the conversation. Having them cut out entirely, as if they aren't mature enough to be part of the conversation, is unusual and suggests a certain over-involvement of the parent.

What's embarrassing is acting like potentially paying $300K makes you a Gold Card customer who deserve special treatment. Yes, it's a shit ton of money, but it's the same shit ton of money everyone affluent pays, and what a "selective" school means is "lots more people want to pay all this money than we can accept". So if you want to take your money and go home, they don't care.

Again, nothing wrong with the questions--as long as you recognize that they may not have answers. But "I DEMAND you answer these questions and in care you haven't heard about it, let me explain that there's pandemic" is humorously pretentious.